Willbeaux (Will Sheehan) is a dynamic producer and DJ inspired by the energy of the city where he lives, Denver, Colorado. The Bay Area native  combines elements of house, trap, break beats and funk to create his own hypnotizing style of dance music — and you better believe Willbeaux is here to make you dance. 


Will's career began in 2018 when he was booked to play silent discos at local electronic and hip-hop venue Cervantes. Since then, his production has been featured on numerous MHSM Monthly Melodies playlists with the attention continuing through the end of 2018 where the artist was interviewed by the Freio Music Podcast. It wasn't long before his music was noticed by prominent Denver producer/DJ Aviva, who introduced him to the Global Dance team. Global was so impressed they booked him for the silent disco at Decadence 2018


That EP — titled Colorize — dropped in March 2019 with features from noteworthy Denver musicians Grayson Erhard,  Carlitta An and RJW of the band Dream Feed.

For 2020 Willbeaux plans to release a string of singles with his new uptempo sound. Each song will stand out on its own and will feature a different vocalist and style, while maintaining a prioritized focus on getting listeners to dance. And this summer he will be playing at Northern Night Music Festival, alongside names like TroyBoi and Claude Von Stroke.  




"Willbeaux has produced with some of the top artists around." — The Freio Music Podcast

Bridging the Music’s Colorado Solo Music Awards — Nominee and Top 6 Finalist

Decadence Performance (Global Dance) — 2018


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